About Naija Matters

About Naija Matters blog

Naija Matters’ aim is to be the platform where issues common to Nigeria (Naija) can be “social normly” raised, discussed, reviewed and at the end, present and offer probable better options for a better and brighter future that can lead to a better culture and prospect for us all.

Nigeria then? 

As a Nigerian, born and raised until my late 20’s in Nigeria, I could not but thank GOD for making me a Nigerian. There was a time you could drive along our villages (or country side), buy a product (food or otherwise) by the road side, without the seller present, drop the money for the absent seller in the expected place and drive off without ever seeing the seller.

People were honest and kind then! Can you do that now? Of course not. Some young people cannot believe that there was ever a time like that in Nigeria. Yes there was and it was not so long ago.

Nigeria now

Am aware that the scenario I painted above was then and while I am not canvassing for us to live in the past, I am a believer that there is still so much that is good and great in Nigeria even today and we just have to work at setting the pace and the environment for it again.

Where are we going?


I do know that in the now that we live, things have changed so badly in some ways and changed drastically that I sometimes wonder, what went wrong, and I sometimes ask myself “how did we get here?”

There are so many practises that are now imbedded in our society and these practises have generated lots of issues and have become endemic to our society.

These bad practices and habits have sort of ‘polluted’ us as a people and nation not only to ourselves but to the whole wide world. Some of these issues are based on our attitude to things and they manifest themselves in our day to day lives. We all talk about some of them, but nothing is really changing and we cannot really justify or explain the reasons why things are the way they are. These issues are retarding our progress and are not allowing our nation to be great as it should be, not to mention the negative reputation.

To err is what?

It is very easy and probably cheap to point out mistakes and errors, but I believe that if one finds an error, it is better to bring awareness to the issue for the person or people involved, look for and identify probable cause or causes and then offer solutions or the way forward with the hope that someone might be touched to change their beliefs or ways. This is the main purpose of Naija Matters.

The past and now (the present)

I am aware that some of the issues that would be presented and discussed here have been enshrined into law, but fear of punishment or the law itself have not changed things as there has always been a temporary change whenever a new law is enacted, but before one knows it, majority are back to some of these horrible practices and issues.

However, some of these practises do not need to be legally addressed; in fact, some are just simple things which if we all are aware of their implications to us as a people and nation, the knowledge of the repercussion of their effect in the long run might just cause a change in our attitude and approach if we truly care about ourselves and nation as I know so many of us do.

What now?

it is always difficult when people are caught up in a situation to look at both sides of an argument objectively which sometimes is not out of choice, but perhaps out of being caught up in the argument.

I agree with Bankole Williams in what he said that “Our past may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become” – Bankole Williams

This responsibility bit, is the ability that we have to bring some of these issues out in the open so that some of us can ‘see’ or understand that there might be better options. It is also the power and the chance to review and appraise ourselves to become better people.

This possibility (and the opportunity of heading in a better direction than the one we are heading now) is the essence and the inspiration for this blog.

The power of One and the power of Many

 I am a strong believer in the power of one. I believe that our individual actions actually affect and inform our customs and cultures either way. Imagine you (one) and I (one) decide to do what is right about a situation, and before you know it, someone else has started doing the same, and another, and on and on it goes. Before long, we (many) all will collectively be effecting positive change in our society which will then become the trend, the norm and the culture. This is not about doing what we Naijas call “follow follow” (as we have done so far without thinking about the consequences that we are reaping now), but about appraising ourselves and choosing to do what is right for us as individuals and also for our society (not what is convenient or someone else is doing it, they are not getting punished and so on).

The way forward please?

The aim and the purpose of this blog, is to therefore bring awareness to some of these issues, identify probable cause or causes, explore their implications and relevance to our society at this point in time, and then go a step further by researching and presenting better ways and options so that we all can proactively albeit individually amend our actions which in the long run, may effectively change the outcome for us individually and for our society as I do not think or believe that we as a nation can afford to continue down this path that we have treaded for so long which we all know are not helping nor heading us in the right way.

I believe that the time is NOW when we need to collectively come together and purposely plan and channel better direction for us as a nation.

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