NM Modus operandi (Style)

Naija Matters Modus Operandi (Style / approach)

Having thought for so long about what I would like to achieve with this blog, I knew what approach ‘Naija Matters’ blog should take but putting it all together eluded me for sometime until 2nd January 2017. And suddenly, the light came on. below is the history of how it happened and the style of approach to expect:

It’s 2nd January 2017! (Happy New Year!!) And it’s around midday, no sleep would come. Time to get up and stop lazing around!

The New Year messages have trickled down to catch up ones (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc.), everything has simmered down to a sizzle! It’s the time to eat whatever is in the fridge and just laze around. The last day before the year (business and so on) fully begins. So it is really the time of the year to just relax and be gently togged towards the year and what lies ahead in 2017.

For me, it’s time to catch up and finish what I couldn’t due to Christmas and New Year season’s celebrations and enjoyment! So, I got myself up to finish off a particular task and I decided to watch the TV while doing the chore.

I switched the TV on and was just checking the channels to see what suited my mood as I still felt ‘Christmassy’, and as luck would have it, I found “Scrooged” (a modern version of Charles Dickens’s “Scrooge”) about to start on one of the TV channels and that suited me down to a T.

Naija Matters and Scrooge (What? Scrooge?)

As I watched “Scrooged”, suddenly, the whole meaning of Charles Dickens’ Scrooge that I have watched many times over the years (not to mention various versions that I watched just few days ago (at the time of this writing) suddenly dawned on me! The meaning of ghost past, present and future that visited Ebenezer Scrooge and its life applications! I thought I must write this down as this sort of sits well with my blog.

So, here is how the three ghosts visitations relate to Naija Matters blog.

Scrooge (Christmas past, present and future)

Christmas past (The past)

Christmas past – this is about reflecting on what happened in the past and how this has brought one to the present; that is, how one is, how one behaves, sees and do things without any problem whether good not so good or outright bad. For instance, the way one was raised as a child, the environment, the school, the family, good, fantastic, brilliant and also not so good and bad things and how this might have effected and affected the individual’s behaviour, personality and attitude to life.

Christmas present (The present)

The Christmas present – this is the stage one is, just trudging along nicely, not minding anyone else but self, one’s behaviour, attitude and how one relates to other people. Where you hear expressions such as ‘like it or lump it’, ‘this is me or us’, ‘the way we are’, ‘nothing changes around here’ and ‘I don’t care’ attitude and so on. This is the conscious person that has been unconsciously affected by  his or her “Christmas past

It is also here that one must have the jolt of one’s life, where one needs to get lucky like Ebenezer Scrooge did (like having Christmas once a year, the end of the year season where one takes stock, review progress etc.)

Here is where life’s unplanned, unpleasant sudden events and situations help to do this, by reflecting or reviewing, whether as an individual, group (businesses) or as a nation (in my own opinion), as this is where one can make conscious effort to change things around for good, where one can make ‘new year resolution’. This, my friend, is the crucial bit!

Christmas future – The future

Christmas future – this is what all the fuss and issues of the past is about! This is where one can find fulfilment if one desires as one would have had the chance at life to reflect and choose the right part, do the right things. Where one is taking charge to be better. It could be to be a better person, better business or a better nation (group of people)!


It is here, at this juncture that life truly has a new meaning and it becomes better for everyone that one meets on the way to and for the rest of one’s life! This is where one can say, ‘life is good’ despite the not so good a past. One has chosen to overcome life’s challenges and be a better person, a better business (integrity) and or a better people and nation.

The aim is therefore to apply Charles Dickens’ Scrooge analogy by looking at the present situation, “Christmas present” reflect and go back in time to “Christmas’s past” and review how we probably get to ”Christmas present” and hopefully get a better “Christmas future” together after analysing what went wrong and how we can individually and collectively change things for our homes and our society at large, a better place for us now and our future generation.

This, is the essence of what Naija Matters wants to do. To bring awareness to issues and have all (anyone interested) look at it and that hopefully, most will choose for NIGERIA to be a better place to be and live in!

This is therefore the style and approach of NAIJA MATTERS’ blog.