The reason for having “T2Pray” (Time to Pray) as part of the menu for this blog is simple, and that is that it is just not enough to pin point issues and things that are not going right as they should in the country without offering some solutions. Part of the solutions I believe is prayer. I mean what is the point in identifying an issue if one is not ready to do something about it? There is a need for action (human and spiritual), conscious efforts, talking, and challenging each other for and to do what is right, these are the human part while prayer is another part of the solution, the spiritual one.

Who are we?

If I have to be frank, I strongly believe that we Nigerians need prayer to see who we are and who and what we have become.

“We like to talk about Nigeria as if somehow, we are not part of it.We forget the crucial bit, that WE NIGERIANS make NIGERIA, WE ARE NIGERIA!”

The situation in our country is so horrendous; that sometimes the country seems as to be on the brink or about to collapse but for the grace of GOD.

Reasons to pray

The evil that abound in the country is so unbelievable. What with the killing and barbaric attitude to killing and death, with pictures of dead bodies all over the place for all to see. What about the looting, joblessness, hopelessness, open bribery and shamelessness about it and so on. The country is richly blessed, yet so, so poor. Abject and sheer poverty abound. The wealth is so much but in the hands of very few people who sometimes appear or seem to be playing GOD and enjoying hero worshipping.

What belongs to all is taken (stolen) by few, who will not use it to create jobs in the land but take it away and stack it with those (countries) that don’t need them nor appreciate these acts but, they (these countries) cannot complain after all, these loots are boosting their own economies. We talk and pride ourselves as being family oriented yet so individualistic. Everything seems to be about ‘me, myself and I’.

And the poor themselves? Some are so pleased to idolise and hero worship the thieves that loots what belong to all and one wonders after all, what can they do when they need to eat! Some are happy to turn and kill each other for worthless causes. The list of the issues just goes on and on and the list gets bigger and bigger and uglier.

Blessed to be a blessing or…?

                         Agbokim waterfalls Cross River state

And we have been blessed with so many natural resources, beautiful landscapes and weather ‘to die for’. What about brain? Wow! Name the profession in the world, Nigerians are there and doing greatly and marvellously! The few people that have managed to ‘escape’ the country elsewhere are thriving in other countries in various professions and businesses around the world while the ones at home are not doing badly and they could do great if not for many things like….. One just wonders if those at home in Nigeria and the ones outside were to come together with facilitators, with no envying of one another (and none of all other human vices present), what a country Nigeria would be!

There is hardly any country in the world that a Nigerian would not be found. And they prosper and thrive but let them return home, then the stories change for so many!

Prayer is needed

What about GOD and the fear of GOD? For a country and people that boast that they know, love, follow and serve GOD, there is little to show for this as there is no fear of GOD. And the Church? I leave that with GOD.
From the tiny snapshot above, it is obvious that these problems cannot just be fixed by any politician or man, no matter how much they try (they should still try to serve, though, and still try to do what they promised); they are GOD-size kind of problems, so we all have to take them to GOD as I believe that with prayers things can turn and will turn around for good and better still, for better.

Change needed, starting with our prayer focus

Prayer focus needs to change – from ‘me, myself and I’ to ‘Us, ourselves and we’.

As a Christian, I have been to so many Church services in my life time and I have noticed a trend in our NIGERIAN CHURCH settings and that is that we pray for individual needs all the time more than we pray for our nation! Even in services where they have wanting to dedicate to the country, the ‘me, myself and I’ prayer takes over and this should not be.

There is a Yoruba adage that translates to mean if the town is not at peace, no poor person’s child dare venture going out”. (I do not think the rich person’s child can venture out as much as well the way things are at the moment).

My reason for this adage is that if our prayers are always about ‘me, myself and I’, then it is obvious that our prayers are being answered and it is no wonder then that all our behaviours and everything we do is always about me, what I can get and it does not matter as such who gets hurt (all of us do, you know, I mean get hurt).

Another point that I can anchor to this proverbial saying is that, if there are so many pockets of problems as they are, no one is untarnished. You are a Nigerian, you are part of it. I’m a Nigerian; I am a part of it, no matter where one is in the world and no matter how much one tries to ‘bury their head in the sand’, pretending not to be a Nigerian or distancing themselves from Nigeria and Nigerians, all of us are tarnished, whether rich or poor. And the question now is what are we doing about all these both individually and collectively?

I believe that we need to pray for the country more than we pray for our individual selves and needs as if the country is ‘rosy’ and things are running smoothly, it will ‘spill’ into the lives of all its citizens and we will all have better lives than we do at the moment and who knows whether people from around the world might desire to come and live in NIGERIA. It is attainable in this our life time! Come on, let’s do it! Let’s believe like and with this Nigerian version of “I have a dream…”