Prayer points (suggested)

Prayer Points 

The purpose of ‘T2Pray’

As already mentioned, the purpose of ‘T2Pray’, is to draw our attention to the need for corporate prayers for us as a nation as there are some things and areas of our lives that we need to pray for. To help those that might want more ideas, here are some prayer points that I collected and I think might help?

Prayer points

True fear of GOD

• That we will truly and genuinely love and fear GOD
• That our love for GOD will show in the way we do things
• That we will treat people right as we fear GOD that made them
• That we will talk and address people with fairness and kindness and
understanding. Everybody likes to be treated fairly, but do we
reciprocate the same?

Respect for GOD

• By honouring GOD not only with our words, but in our actions
• Not talking to other human beings (fellow Nigerians) as if we were made
with special ‘clay’ and they are not. That we will remember that ‘but for
HIS grace’ we are who we are
• To respect people for whom GOD has made them. For not everyone
would be a doctor, engineer, nurse lawyer and so on but every
profession and human being are important in the scheme of life. That a
cleaner is as important as a chief executive. Few are born princes, others
find their ‘kingdoms’ in other spheres of life.

Respect for Life and people

• That life is precious. And that we should start to treasure it and not
discard it at the slightest of offence. The internet is full of photos of
murdered Nigerians who might not have been guilty, if the case was
thoroughly looked into.
• That GOD should help us to see the need to cherish life and treasure it
• That we will not be rash to kill children for unimaginable lies called
• That GOD will help us to stop ‘jungle justice’.

Let’s pray against murderous and barbaric spirits that have invaded the land through:
  • Human sacrifices
  • Killing of defenseless children (in 2006, an 11 year old child was killed.
    Reason? He tried to kidnap a baby that he wanted to use for money
    making sacrifice. Can someone tell me, how would a child of 11 know the
    the person that will do the work? I am sure there will be more questions.
  • Using human beings for all sorts of evil practices.
  • Pray against evil of the past that is being perpetuated through drama and
    certain lifestyles
  • Forgive each other for evil deeds of the past.
  • Let us pray against the spirit of greed that is all over the country.
Deliverance from the evil of love of money.
  • This evil has completely (or almost) taken over our society and destroy
    the fabrics of our society
  • True independence – To love ourselves, languages, country, things that truly
    belongs to us
  • Love for each other – To truly and genuinely value each other and appreciate
    each other
True love for our nation and people
  • That our business people will start to invest in the country and create
    jobs and not take jobs to China.
  • That individuals will start to think like the American are taught to do and
    that we may adapt JF Kennedy’s quote “…… ask not what your country
    can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”
  • Pray for the spirit of integrity.
  • Pray against the spirit of corruption and corruption at every level of our society.
People in authority
  • GOD to touch those in authority and power to fulfil their vows and pledges to
    the people that elected them.
  • For people in government to serve GOD and man
  • To come against the spirit of lies and deceit.
  • To come against the spirit of tribalism and nepotism
False religions and deceit that causes human killings of all sorts.
Let us thank GOD for HIS goodness and loving kindness towards us, that despite all of the evil and wickedness, GOD’s mercy is still on us as a nation
  • Clean heart, clean mind, and clean environment.
  • Pray against the spirits of backwardness that says things like
  • Pray for the spirit to embrace positive and good change and pray against all powers behind backwardness that likes to say:
  • We’ve always done it this way… or our parents did it this way”. But that
    was fine for their generation, not anymore

That people will not sell their souls for money during election time.

Let us pray for our leaders

• The President and president’s office
• The Vice president and Vice President’s office
• The senate office (law makers) and the senators
• The Ministers
• The Executive arms of the government (The Police, The Military, Airforce,
The Naval officers, the Customs and Exercise, Road safety and so on)
• The judicial arm of the government
• All our states
• The Governors and all the states governing bodies
• All the Permanent secretaries and all staff working in government (both federal and local)secretariats
• All government parastatals

The society businesses

• The Banks and all their staff
• Businesses (industries and corporate bodies)
• The media (Television, Radio and the Internet) and all people working in
this industry
• Businesses (Big and small), the market people

Professional bodies

• The farming and all agricultural industries
• Medical and other hospital and social care arms
• Law and lawyers
• Teaching at all levels
• Engineering
• Accounting
• Sports and athletics
• Arts professions and professionals (Music, Drama and Theatre)
• The list goes on.

Let us pray that GOD will frustrate the lies of the enemies of progress and provide our nation with basic human dignity of the 21st centuries.

For such things as

• Electricity – for all, stable and permanent. Luke 1: 37
• Good public schools – some of us went and did well in life
• Free medical treatment for all. The country is rich enough. It is possible if
we can believe it.
• Good water system
• Good drainage system and progressive environmental policies and
practices that will eliminate mosquitoes and the killing of millions
• Open gutter system is a man-made problem that breed mosquitoes
and that does not have to exist.

  • Let’s pray against the spirits of ignorance that put fear in some people who
    constantly block the country’s progress. That the learned will also use their
    knowledge wisely as education is not alone for wisdom
  • That GOD will give wisdom to the enemies of progress blocking NIGERIA from
    developing further by providing them with other business ideas so we can have
    and enjoy all that is in point 26

. All Nigerian
• Home and abroad
• Young and old

That things will work well in Nigeria.